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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the modern approach to reducing the amount of dental treatment required to maintain a healthy mouth and help keep your teeth for life.

Tooth loss primarily results from gum disease and decay. A proactive approach to the management of these causes therefore increases the opportunity for prevention.

Whilst it is the ideal way to manage the oral healthcare of children and young adults, it is the recommended approach for everyone – including people with false teeth who can benefit through the early identification of conditions like mouth cancer and denture stomatitis.

Through recommended treatment and a maintenance plan, the combined efforts of the dentist, hygienist and patient can help prevent the need for treatment and so avoid the historical pattern of fillings and extractions.

Middle aged man having his teeth checked, prevatative dentistry
Patient testimonial from Mrs D G

“I have been a patient of Dr Leon Khangura since 1st August 2001 and have always been very happy with the way he has looked after me. However, in 2014 he did more than just look after my oral hygiene…I genuinely believe he saved my life.

I had had a small lump under my top lip for several months but had thought little about it. Thankfully when I went to see Dr Khangura, for my regular check-up, he did his normal, very thorough, inspection of my whole mouth. He questioned me as to whether I was aware of the lump and said that I needed to have it checked out.

Dr Khangura immediately referred me to the specialist consultant at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital where tests showed that the lump was cancerous. I was devastated, but thankfully after an operation I was told that the cancer had been successfully removed. I had previously lost two family members to mouth cancer, so my relief was immense, without Dr Khangura’s thoroughness and quick action I hate to think what the outcome might have been.

I now have regular 3 monthly appointments to ensure that there are no further problems. I would thoroughly recommend Dr Khangura and feel forever in his debt.”

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