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Invisalign® Clear Aligners Norwich

You can reveal the new smile you deserve in as little time as 4-months, and start to visibly see and feel the results in just 2-months. Your friends and family will surely comment on your brand-new smile and will be asking what your method was!

Patients’ before and after Invisalign

Take a selfie and try on a new smile in 60 seconds!

Smileview result

Take a selfie and try it out!

You can try on a new smile using Invisalign’s SmartView experience. Click the following link and follow the instructions for uploading your selfie – and in no time at all you’ll see yourself with a SmileView result – Start my SmileView experience

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Watch our 1-minute long video below for a brief introduction of Invisalign®

We are an Elite Provider of Invisalign® clear aligners in Norwich. Invisalign® aligners are able to straighten your teeth in just 4-months! The ‘near invisible’ aligners are made from a technologically advanced material called SmartTrack; with its elastic properties, help to control the growth of your teeth while aligning them in a straighter position.

Invisalign The Dental Surgery
Dr Carmen Pop demonstrating the ‘Before and after’ 3D scans

Unlike braces and wires, Invisalign clear aligners are completely removable. Whilst we advise you wear them for at least 22 hours in a day, this means you can remove the aligners to maintain your oral hygiene and enjoy eating your day-to-day diet. They discreetly get to work aligning your teeth towards giving you the perfect smile.

What does your Invisalign® treatment plan look like?

The first step is to book your Initial consultation with us! This will include an assessment with our highly experience Invisalign dental clinician, who will identify whether this treatment is right for you or not. If you are an eligible candidate for treatment, we’ll take a 3D scan of your teeth and show you how your brand-new smile could look.

We’ll now start to form your ClinCheck 3D treatment plan, after taking numerous photos, x-rays and digital photos of your teeth. Using state of the art 3D printing technology, you can see a predication of your new smile once the treatment is finished.

Your first set of custom-made aligners will be sent to us for you to collect; and after a quick consultation you’ll take your aligners home and start wearing them every day. Your teeth will slowly realign and every 1-2 weeks you will move onto the next aligner. Once we reach around 4-8 weeks, you’ll be due another visit to the surgery for a review appointment by our Invisalign expert and be given your second set of clear aligners. It won’t be long after this point you’ll have achieved your brand-new celebrity smile!

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