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Our Surgery has the latest state of the art Digital Imaging Technology

Pan-Oral X-ray

With this single X-ray Dr Khangura can take a precise scan of all your teeth and associated structures. This is an ideal screening tool that enables Dr Khangura to diagnose many conditions before they can cause serious detrimental effects to your oral health.

Intra Oral Digital camera

High resolution digital camera

This allows Dr Khangura to take precise digital photographs of teeth inside your mouth. High resolution images of patient’s teeth and the ability to provide an instant digital display to facilitate communications of treatment options.

Pictures can be safely stored for future reference, this allows Dr Khangura to monitor any changes in your dental health.

Intra oral X-ray

Benefits of digital X-rays

  • Very high image quality
  • Reduced exposure to X-rays.
  • More predictable results.
  • Instantaneous results – no waiting for development of X-ray film.
  • No developing chemicals to harm the environment, no waste.

With these Digital sensor’s high-resolution images of a single tooth can be taken to diagnosis problems instantly. The monitor is easily visible from the chair and allows Dr Khangura to discuss findings and treatment options with his patients.

As the X-ray picture demonstrates even the smallest element of decay can be pinpointed and treated.

Digital X-Ray - Intra Oral 1
Digital X-Ray - Intra Oral 2

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