Teeth Whitening at Home: Is It Right For Me?

Teeth Whitening at Home: Is It Right For Me?

Whitening procedures are a quick and easy refresh for your smile. You can look years younger and leave those you know guessing, what you have done to look so youthful! Everywhere you look, people have nice, white smiles; why not you too? Whitening is a safe, simple at home technique with minimal steps that takes your dull smile to something that really dazzles!

Can I Really Do This AT HOME?

Of course you can! You do have to obtain the trays and whitening material from your dentist though. You will set up an appointment with your dentist to be evaluated to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. If so, the dentist or assistant will take impressions, which do just that, take an impression of your teeth. This allows them a model to make your whitening trays on. Next, your dentist will fabricate the trays and have you return to the surgery to review the instructions and try in your trays. These steps will ensure a great fit for the trays to sit on your teeth and the material to work quickly. Then you will go home on improve the shade of your smile in something close to a week!

At home you simply find a time when you have about 30 minutes or so.  Maybe while tidying up or folding laundry? You will brush and floss your teeth, place the whitening gel material in the trays, pop them in your mouth and go about your time at home.  After you have them in for the designated time, you remove them, rinse out the trays and brush your teeth again. You will do this a few days in a row and you will begin to see a dramatic change in the shade of your smile.

Is this method of Teeth whitening safe?

Dental professional take their occupation very seriously and realise there are many products marketed to the average person, while not having that persons well being in mind.  Your dentist makes sure that all products are not only safe, but also very effective with minimal side effects.  That is why consulting your dentist for these procedures is the best, because they have the best intent for you and your teeth!  They also know plenty of tips and tricks to get the best results!

If Not Now, When?

So with the summer right around the corner, why not! Enjoy all the weddings and other parties, while looking great in the process! Tooth whitening procedures are a simple and cost effective option for improving your appearance. Many people mention that they wish they had done it earlier, because of all the compliments they are receiving! So why wait, call to schedule an appointment to take advantage of this for yourself. You deserve it!

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May 1, 2020