Starting To Feel Tooth Aches and Pains?

Starting To Feel Tooth Aches and Pains?

We all know the feeling, we are at dinner happily enjoying, when we hear a crunch that’s slightly out of place. What was that we ponder? Something in the food, nope that was our tooth! We politely excuse ourselves to investigate further. Dental emergencies are one of the more common emergencies that can happen and you guessed it; they always seem to pop up at the worst time! But no need to worry, dental professionals expect and anticipate these calls with proven options for just these types of situations.

Common causes of dental pain

The differing dental emergencies can be quite numerous, however there are a few main ones we will review and most likely how they can be treated. The first is a cracked or broken tooth. Probably the most common one that happens to people who generally take very good care of their teeth. A cracked tooth can result in just a little sharpness in the mouth to more severe sensitivity and pain. If you just chip a small piece off this generally does not cause much pain and can be fixed quickly and easily with a filling. However, if a larger piece breaks this can result in pain and discomfort. But here’s the good news it can still be fixed! With just a larger treatment like a crown. A crown covers the whole portion of the tooth and provides full coverage protection so you can chew and enjoy just like before!

Another dental emergency that seems to warrant quick action is the infected tooth. This usually starts a few days with a nagging ache or sensitivity. The next thing you know your face is swollen and the pain is almost unbearable! Generally, people notice these early signs, but shrug it off because it’s not that bad. But really this is the best time to see your dental professional, when it’s just starting! We can asses the type of infection and start treatment straight away. Depending on the amount of the infection, a root canal can be completed to remove the infection. You are given some antibiotics and mild pain meds and sent on your way. This is easiest and the most pain free when completed at the earliest sign of symptoms.

As people wait and see if the infection will get worse, this is when problems arise and the discomfort really starts to creep in. Also, many don’t realise when you wait and the infection gets bad, we have to resolve the infection first with medicine, then we can start the treatment. This can take a extra few days to a week! You may have to start a regime of antibiotics and possibly steroids to get the infection under control before we can even touch the tooth. The body has amazing control systems in place to help protect itself, but that also limits what we as dental professionals can do. Sometimes when an infection is so bad the numbing anaesthesia will not work, so the infection has to be treated first and this takes time. You can use a warm compress and over the counter pain meds to help until you can get into your dental professional. But the golden rule is to call when you just start to notice something.

Do not hesitate to call us

We at The Dental Surgery know that dental emergencies happen, so please do not avoid to call. When calling just make sure to articulate the situation and level of pain accurately so they can get you in straight away if needed. We work day in and out with helping people to establish healthy smiles and look forward to helping you very soon!

November 13, 2020