Five Worthy Reasons To Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Five Worthy Reasons To Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

If 2020 has taught us anything, it definitely taught us to live each day to the fullest. With so many unknowns on the horizons, many found themselves pondering certain traits and habits that they may or may not be happy with. We’ve seen many patients evaluating their current smile and realising there may be some things they would like to change. Cosmetic dentistry is an easy and cost effective way to update anyone’s appearance.  Many procedures are quick, pain free, can improve your oral health, are financially feasible and help improve confidence. We will review how you can easily review if a cosmetic procedure is right for you!

1. Many procedures are quicker than you may think

Many think that cosmetic procedures are a difficult thing to consider yet many can be done within a simple one or two visit procedure and have dramatic results! Whitening procedures are one example where you can brighten your smile on average 6-8 shades in one afternoon! Arrive at the surgery, get all set up complete the procedure and you are ready to show off your new brighter smile…. It really is as simple as that! This procedure time and time again can update not only ones look; but also their confidence! Think how great you feel leaving your dental surgery with a bright shiny smile after just a few hours.

2. It is certainly not an uncomfortable experience

Many people mistakenly think of when considering a cosmetic procedure is discomfort. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Many cosmetic procedures like prepless veneers or anterior contouring and shade matching of adjacent teeth with filling material is a quick and simple way to update your smile. Many dentists employ digital impressions where you can overlook the need to worry about goopy impressions. Lasers are also used to remove decay, usually without the need for numbing anaesthetics. So no shots! Yay! Also, many dentists have intraoral cameras where they can work with you to plan out your smile changes before they even happen, so you know exactly what to expect! Both these procedures use minimal reduction of the natural tooth and really change the look of your smile!

3. Improve your oral health

Another advantage and probably the most important is when a cosmetic update can improve your oral health. Sometimes misshapen or broken teeth can affect the bite and this makes it difficult to eat or speak. Many may feel self conscious as well about the state of their smile and try to hide it away. Cosmetic procedures can arrange your bite to look natural and restore your chewing ability so that you can enjoy healthy nutritious foods again. Many avoid going out in social settings where dining is involved and this can also have effects into other areas of your life as well. So consider how improving your smile can also improve your social lifestyle as well! It’s a win- win!

4. You might be pleasantly surprised with the costs

Of course any responsible person considering a smile make over is concerned about financial costs associated with it. Many dentists can work with you in creating a plan to have both your oral health goals met while staying within your budget. Many quick and easy updates are actually quite affordable as well! Insurances understand that broken teeth will have a domino effect onto other teeth so they can approve the need to have some type of insurance coverage as well. They understand when one or more broken teeth can have you using other teeth more often and that makes those wear down even quicker, so they recognise the need to help cover the cost to get them fixed up! Your dental office staff members can help you maximise your coverage so that you can get the most of it financially too!

5. You will feel amazing!

Lastly, and probably one of the more dramatic results you will have after a cosmetic procedure is your confidence! When people look better, they feel better! They feel good about getting dressed up to meet up with friends and enjoy social interactions more! People with brighter smiles tend to smile and laugh more and are happier too! I think we are all ready to put 2020 behind us and really get moving into 2021 with some fun personal interaction! Why not use these months to look into a few cosmetic procedures to get your smile ready for just that… Just think how much more happier and how much more you will smile with bright pearly whites to show off!

January 28, 2021