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Easy & Effective Ways To Brighten Your Smile!

Easy & Effective Ways To Brighten Your Smile!

Wouldn’t you love to smile freely in all your family photos or engage more on social media with friends; without fear of how your smile looks? Many people go through life being self-conscious of their smile for many reasons including having too much spacing, crowding, discolouration or wear. But there’s good news, YOU don’t have to! There are simple and effective dental techniques that easily update and brighten your smile, such as cosmetic porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic porcelain dental veneers are a quick and easy way to improve your smile. Cosmetic dental veneers usually only require one to two visits to the surgery to complete. The shape, colour and contour of your smile are all improved, in this one simple procedure! A dentist will have a consultation with you to make sure you are a candidate for the procedure. They may take photos, models and radiographic or X-ray imaging in order to ensure your best smile outcome!

The Shape, The Colour and The Contours

Let’s first look at the shape. Cosmetic dental veneers easily address any inconsistencies with the shape of your teeth. Is one tooth smaller or larger than the next? A dental veneer can improve this and with minimal preparation of your existing tooth structure. You are able to have one, two or ten teeth completed, so the options are endless really!

Next, we will think about the colour or shade of your teeth. Are they darker than you would like? Maybe, you’re a coffee, tea or red wine drinker. Quite possibly one or two teeth are darker or lighter than the surrounding teeth. Cosmetic dental veneers can brighten your smile to the shade you have always wanted! They are also easily able to match surrounding teeth shades to ensure a cohesive and natural look. And don’t worry, once the dental veneers are placed, the porcelain won’t pick up any staining like your natural tooth structure would.

Lastly, we will consider the contour of your smile and this is the one that really “takes the cake”! Do you have spacing or crowding across your front teeth? A group of dental veneers across the front of your smile will take any smile from ordinary to extraordinary! This is one procedure that truly transforms lives! It will completely change how the world sees you and even better how you will feel about your smile! You won’t be able to stop smiling from all the compliments you are receiving!

Building the confidence behind your natural smile

Whatever your reason for considering cosmetic dental veneers, once the process is complete you will be so happy that you chose to improve your smile. Patients of our surgery, consistently state how they receive such nice compliments of how relaxed they look. Friends and family members will state that you look great, but they are unable to place why. This is because cosmetic dental veneers look so natural. You are able to work with your dentist or practitioner to create the smile of your dreams! So, what would you like to improve? Contact the surgery and we will make the smile of your dreams, a reality!

March 16, 2020

Composite Bonding and Veneers – Options for Improving Your Smile

Composite Bonding and Veneers – Options for Improving Your Smile

There are many options when considering a cosmetic update to your smile. Time, cost and scope of procedure are all things to consider. Thankfully, there are many quick, easy and relatively inexpensive ways to transform your smile. Today we will focus on cosmetic composite bonding and cosmetic porcelain veneers. The treatments both will not only improve your smile, but your overall appearance and confidence as well!

Composite Bonding Offers An Array Of Improvements

Cosmetic composite bonding is a quick and easy way to improve your smile. Your dentist will assess your smile of areas which can be improved. Next, they will work with you to make those changes. Maybe you don’t like the spacing of your teeth, maybe one tooth is shorter than the next one or has a noticeable chip. All these things are able to be improved with cosmetic composite bonding. Using technique sensitive procedures, your dentist prepares the tooth, applies the composite; which is a resin-based tooth coloured material, and cures it with a special curing light. This procedure will fill in any gaps, improve any inconsistencies of the tooth structure or elongate tooth structures to match the surrounding teeth. Simply put, you can update and refresh your smile in one visit!

This patient wanted a little gap between her two front teeth, enhancing the natural look.

Composite bonding before
Composite bonding after
After – Chose to have small gap

Take Your Smile To The Next Level

Another procedure that can give your smile a dramatic change is that of cosmetic porcelain veneers. Cosmetic porcelain veneers offer a permanent long-term option for transforming your smile! Many patients comment how they feel, “so great about how they look”, once they have their new porcelain veneers placed! Your dentist will work with you to plan out your veneer case. There are many things to consider, veneers can improve the shape, size, contour and shade of your teeth. For one procedure, it really is amazing the changes porcelain veneers can provide to your smile! While this procedure involves slightly more chair time than the composite bonding spoken of earlier, they are still only a two-appointment procedure process that delivers dramatic results! The first appointment, your dentist will prepare your teeth by slightly shaping them, take impressions and place temporary veneers on your teeth, while you wait for the final ones from the laboratory. Next, you return try in your final veneers and approve all aspects on how they look and if you love them, cement them in using a translucent dental cement. Yes, it really is that easy!

Whichever procedure you choose, both have a long and successful track history for improving smiles. Either procedure will have you smiling ear to ear from all the compliments you are receiving! Contact us today so we can help plan out the smile you’ve been dreaming of. We are so excited to make this a reality for you!