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Creating Positive Childhood Dental Experiences

Creating Positive Childhood Dental Experiences

Can you think back and remember your first dental experience? Was it as a child, was it a positive, fun one or a scary, painful memory? Maybe it wasn’t as a child, maybe as an adult… How was it then? We all create our feelings towards an experience based off the experiences that we have had in the past. Dental professionals know how important this first visit is and we will explore why this experience is so important, especially for kids; to have a fun positive experience so they can grow into adults that value and take care of their dental health.

Let’s make the first experience stress-free

Many people do not enjoy going to the dentist. Most have painful memories that are clouded by unknown fears of what may happen from past procedures. Many are adults that have put off their dental concerns a bit too long and know they are feeling the pain of a condition creeping up.  An emergency should really be the last resort when it comes to having a first dental experience both as a child or an adult. By this time something is causing pain and even though the procedure will help in the long run, the road to get there may be a little bumpy.  Many procedures during an emergency will be a little stressful; so the more someone can proactively care for their dental health and avoid them the better off they will be.

Explain what to expect prior to the visit

Kids are suspicious by nature, sure they are happy go lucky in normal everyday situations, but upon entering a dental surgery for the first time, the sights, sounds and smells may have them questioning what this place is all about. The main thing parents can do is help to alleviate those questions. There are many books that go over a first dental visit that will explain why the staff wear funny looking gloves and masks, what all those noises are, and what may smell strange. The more kids can expect what is going to happen, the more relaxed they become. So reviewing the process before hand works well to alleviate any concerns of the unknown.

Your child will have a better feeling for the surgery after a few visits

Dental professionals understand that the surgery can be a scary place for kids the first time they come in. Many will go out of their way to change this impression and have the kids leaving with smiles, toys and balloons! Dental professionals are aware too that it is important to stoop down to their level, offer fun animals with teeth for the children to play with and to teach brushing and flossing techniques.  Parents can be helpful by giving the dental professional support and allowing them to answer when a child asks questions. The main goal here on these first few visits is to have the child start to trust the dental professionals just as much as their parents.

Overall with a little preparation, parents can set up their children for a lifelong of positive dental care experiences just by following these steps. The dental surgery should be talked about as a fun place where their teeth will be tickled and made sparkly and shiny! They will meet nice people who will teach them how to brush and floss and what are the best food choices to eat. They will look for sugar bugs hiding between their teeth and they will clean them up so their mouth is nice and healthy and they can help the dental professionals by getting the sugar bugs every morning and night when brushing! Contact The Dental Surgery today to arrange an introduction visit!

November 2, 2021