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Chris Martin – Premier City Player:

chris-martin“I have always been conscience of my teeth since they where injured in a football game. I learnt to smile without showing them.

After seeing the amazing transformation Leon managed with my girlfriend Emma’s teeth, I went to see him.

Leon managed to sort out my front teeth with crowns and veneers. I have so much more confidence now when have photographs taken, I can smile properly.

I would and have recommended Leon to my family, friends and colleges.


Emma T

emma-t“Leon, I just wanted to say thanks so much for my treatment, I was so nervous but you and your staff put me at ease.

I love my new teeth, they are even better than I hoped for. So many people have commented on how great they look!”

Jennifer M

jennifer-m“I had always hated the appearance of my teeth, but now I’m thrilled with how they look.

Thank you so much!”

Tanya C

tanya-c“I’m really happy!

Thank you so much!”

From Alice B:

alice-b“Having seen the success of my sister’s teeth treatment, I was keen to see whether Dr Khangura could help me too. Nervous and excited we talked through my expectations,the possibilities and the procedure. It was reassuring that he knew exactly what my teeth would need so that they matched my idea of perfect teeth.

The preparation of my teeth was a painless procedure thanks to a small injection into my gum. I was extremely cautious with the care of my temporary teeth, as I knew it would be worth the two week wait.

When I returned to see Dr Khangura, the temporaries were replaced with my new crowns and veneers within a matter of minutes. Each individual tooth fitted perfectly in terms of size, shape and colour. All I wanted to do was smile, but I just had to wait a while until the swelling of my mouth from the injection had gone down!

A few weeks on, my new teeth now feel like my own. I’m so pleased with the result and I am glad I trusted Dr Khangura to make it happen. Thank you!”

From Denise J:

“I was always very conscious of my teeth; I never smiled very much. I am so very pleased with the results; I can not stop smiling.”

From Elizabeth S:

elizabeth-s“Thank you Leon for all your work – the aesthetics of my teeth are great – it has given me confidence to smile again and feel good.

Leon and his team are always very professional and helpful.”